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YMCA Evolve develops the social and emotional intelligence and enterprise skills of Year 6 students in preparation for their transition into high school.


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Over eight weeks, students participate in high energy, experiential activities aligned with the Victorian Curriculum that enable them to reflect on and develop their Personal and Social Capability.

Module 1: Skills and Strengths

Students identify their skills and strengths, how they are useful in different situations and the importance of continually developing new and existing skills.

Module 2: Identity

Students explore how identity is formed and why it’s important to respect and appreciate their own and others’ individual, social and cultural differences.

Module 3: Responsibility

Students recognise their responsibilities at school and home, as well as those of people and services in their community, and how upholding them can help establish and maintain respectful relationships.

Module 4: Mindset and Attitude

Students discover how their emotions and attitudes impact on their behaviour, and how to develop a growth mindset to increase their persistence and confidence.

Module 5: Teamwork

Students learn to identify the skills and attitudes required for effective team work by participating in a series of engaging games that encourage self-reflection.

Module 6: Social Awareness and Fairness

Students learn how stereotyping and discrimination negatively impacts individuals and society. They also reflect on causes of conflict and develop strategies to approach and respond effectively.

Module 7: Responding to Change

Students reflect on how they have responded to change in the past, and develop some positive strategies to help them adapt to upcoming changes.

Module 8: Leadership

Students determine the role and qualities of an effective leader and learn how to move between roles to befit the needs of the group.

"It's about learning to be yourself and not everyone has to be a captain to be a leader."

Student, Wantirna South Primary School.

"Getting them engaged, getting them involved."

Teacher, Wantirna South Primary School

"I recommend the program to any schools looking to develop a positive culture of social interaction and leadership..."

Jim Pumpa, Principal, Wantirna South Primary School.